Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In with The NOW!

We are pleased to have Tumeric, Divine Chocolate, and Perrier as sponsors of the NOW Spring 2011 Showcase, and on a broader scale, sponsors of the eco-movement. It is exciting to see companies, big and small, taking action against the environmental crisis and doing their part to help the planet. From small actions such as operating under sustainable standards, to larger actions such as creating jobs for communities and improving social and living conditions, and providing global consumer audiences with the chance to recycle brand products, no matter where they are. Find out more about what these companies do for the environment [below].

Tumeric Alive:
Taking a thousand-year-old natural remedy from the Far East and bottling it as a transformational beverage, Tumeric-Elixir is not only a refreshing organic drink but also an amazing formula of extraordinary therapeutic value. The drink is a concoction of natural ingredients and essential minerals such as turmeric, ginger, mint, cardamom, lemon, honey and more-- mixed together they offer detoxification, enhanced circulation, improved mental clarity and empowerment for the immune system. One sip from this delicious bright yellow drink can literally change your whole being! Based in NYC, the beverage brand practices sustainability in every facet of production, and buys from, sells to and supports local businesses. These bottles are available in many local new york markets, grocers, gourmet food stores, and even high class gyms!

Divine Chocolate:
Starting as a small farmer's co-op in Ghana, and now recognized as a leading Fair Trade brand in the UK and a pioneer in the world of socially responsible enterprise, Divine Chocolate represents not only a product that is divine, but also a green endeavor that effectively supports its workers and the environment. With a firm belief in environmentally friendly cultivation of cocoa, Divine Chocolate stands out as an eco-tasty treat that is simply delicious! Featuring delectable cocoa bars, chocolate drinks, and seasonal treats (what would Easter or Christmas be without some good, sweet chocolate?), Divine is a brand that is constantly branching out-- expanding its market and its message.

Get fresh with Perrier! Sparkling water that is crisp, refreshing, and light. With its famous green bottle standing as an emblem for its quality and taste, the brand contributes to the sustenance of the environment while at the same time providing water that sustains its consumers. Each glass bottle is recyclable, and their new plastic take-anywhere bottles are made from 100% recyclable materials. Inside each of these classic green bottles is water that is completely natural, caffeine-free, and free of additives.

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