Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sponsoring The NOW!

Companies both corporate and independent are realizing the importance of progressive, conscious-minded product design and are continually supporting, developing and learning ways to lessen our heavy footprints. This season the NOW Showcase is pleased to announce a tasty, stylish, thirst quenching, refreshing, informative, sparkly list of companies sponsoring the event.

Deluxe Honey drop began with a simple idea that would allow them to give us the consumers “a flavorful, healthful beverage that comes from the land…not the lab.” The founder David Luks after having cancer began to research the benefits of an organic lifestyle and began creating a product that would be free from the artificial preservatives, sweeteners and chemical pesticides found in a large percentage of products consumed daily. He did such a great job that refreshing Honey drenched drinks his now available at whole foods. You’ll be sipping Deluxe Honey drop at The NOW Showcase.

For food to honor the person who eats it, the meal should be made with love, respect and other nutrients is the philosophy that has put The Regal Vegan on the map. The brand was created to fill the void in healthy, plant-based cuisine in the New York community. Using East Coast ingredients with a West Coast soul, Ella creates inventive meals inspired by recipes she discovered while traveling around the globe, to satisfy vegetarians and carnivores alike. The Regal Vegan food is a sensory gift to the individual who appreciates it, I am telling you now you need some Regal Vegan in your life! Taste the delight of The Regal Vegan at The NOW Showcase.

Tierra Farm is a small, privately-owned, certified organic producer and roasting company in upstate New York that specialize in nut and seed roasting and dried fruits. They are well attuned to the facts that organic foods are a great way to nurture the land and the body, thus they only sells certified organic products and they make no exceptions! All roasting, mixing and flavoring is conducted in-house, at their certified organic, peanut-free roasting and processing facility which, makes Tierra Farm products a tasty addition to your grocery shopping list. Sample the goodness of Tierra Farm at The NOW Showcase.

Founded by Dean and Melissa Long in 1997 and located on Nantucket Island, Triple Eight Distillery is the region’s first micro-distillery. Named after its ultra pure water source, well #888, Triple Eight Distillery makes a variety of premium spirits, all of which are hand crafted in small batches using only natural ingredients. Triple Eight Vodka is an ultra-premium vodka because it is triple distilled from the highest quality organically grown grain. It is then blended with our exceptionally clean and soft water drawn from well #888. Triple Eight outscored Ketel One in the 2003 and 2004 World Spirit Championships. Sip cocktails made with Triple Eight vodka at The Now Showcase.

One Bag One Earth, aka, "OBOE" is makes reusable bags that are dependable, durable, good-looking, and easy to use. They have a fantastically fun selection of reusable bags designed to replace your everyday dependence on plastic bags, that are designed for the big shopping trips to the grocery store. With styles made out of environmentally friendly, recycled materials that are produced with social and environmental respect OBOE is the new it bag! Come to the NOW Showcase and get your bag on!

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