Friday, September 10, 2010

Who's Who and Who's NOW?

Looking good means feeling great. Thus eating organic foods and wearing organic clothing free from the artificial preservatives and chemical pesticides found in a large percentage of products consumed daily will keep you healthy and happy. Organic products are known to contain more vitamins and minerals to nourish our bodies inside and out. Such facts have supported the rise of farmers markets and pick your own fruit and vegetable farms that feed local consumers across the globe making organic products the new norm!

Nature vs future
, Feral Childe and Creem collections are superb examples of fashion brands that remind consumers why eco-friendly clothing has become the status quo.

Creem Collection
is designed for those who maintain a relaxed lifestyle and appreciate the simplicity of luxurious basics. Free spirited, open minded, loose fitting and care free. A sustainable collection, which uses a variety of organic fabrics, maintains a healthy balance of great quality and superb versatility, with clothes that transform into endless possibilities. The Creem Collection is about supporting you the confident woman by making you feel great.

Moriah Carlson, who was raised in Brooklyn, NY and Alice Wu whose native hometown is Oakland, CA both have an interest in fine arts and continue to be inspired by unfamiliar fabrics, vibrant colors and unordinary materials. These profoundly creative women give you fantastically fun patterned scarves, funky dresses to match up with vibrant leggings. Quality, "untamed creativity", and undeniable saviness have led to the great heights and brilliance we know as Feral Childe.

Nina Valentini born in the heart of Brooklyn, New York decided to launch her own fashion line Nature vs Future to make women feel great by sharing inspiration rooted in her eco-friendly sensibility. Nina's vision of "nature and future" illuminates a sustainable path where organic textiles, sustainable materials and everyday recyclables dress women across the globe. She makes garments that are comfortable, durable and form-fitting. Nina's innovative fashion sense sets her apart from the rest as she continually illustrates change and claims international success.

Who knew vegetable dyes, hemp, organic cottons and silks would have made for riveting items we've seen these designers produce but, it has, because they've changed the rules!

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