Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who's Who and whats NOW?

From what used to be considered just a simple subset of wearable fashion, comes some of today's most illustrious and inventive designs. 'Eco-fashion' has always been literally defined as clothing that utilizes ethical methods in the production of sustainable designs; clothing that pays attention to nature and its preservation and builds an awareness of environmental responsibility for it's consumers and global audience. And while these terms still and will always apply, redefinitions are in order. After surveying the surge of cutting edge, stunning, and fashion-futuristic styles that have been emerging from the workrooms of these green-thumbed eco-oriented designers, perhaps 'edgy, innovative, versatile, accessible, and clever' should be added to that list.

Don't miss out on your chance to see, shop and experience some of the amazing new green designs for the upcoming spring season at the NOW Showcase. On display will be an assemblage of designers that, through visually appealing collections and sustainable motives, fully demonstrate why eco is the future of fashion. Among these brands are accessories line Feisty Elle, women's wear brand Chulette, and timeless designs by Modaspia.

Feisty Elle:
These feisty jewelry designs by California native Leslie Yang are more than just fun-filled and exuberant! They're clean, original, and smartly made. With a background in graphic design and fiber arts, Leslie has been able to continually evolve in the design and production of her accessories since the launch of her brand in 2005. Using sustainable materials such as bamboo ply, textiles, and merino wool felt (she is one of the first to produce jewelry out of this beautiful, light material), Leslie creates bold and fun pieces in an assortment of dahlia, leaf, feather and petal drop shapes. See more here:

Rescuing and recycling old fabrics from Italy, designer Ursula Dean of clothing brand Modaspia creates pieces that last a lifetime, both in style and in quality. A line for both women and children, each piece is designed with great fit, lightness and simplicity in mind, and are cut from only high quality remnants of older fabrics. The collection, full of neat little pintucks, keyholes, flowing tunic garbs and other fabulous cotton, linen, silk and wool creations, exudes a sense of timelessness, brightness, and spirit. Think of sun-filled moments in Capri, quiet afternoons on the hillside, a morning at the market, a fine garden dinner lit by paper lanterns... that's Modaspia. Check out limited pieces online here:

Lee Phutrakul weaves a collection rich with stunning lines, subtle colors, and very forward style. Incorporating a sense of sophisticated detail with a blend of simplicity and effortless construction, eco-brand Chulette stands out for its luxurious flair and urban attitude. This coming from someone who had never aspired to fashion design, but through her work as an assistant fashion editor at Esquire magazine, Lee was led to pursue a career as a designer. Her brand has been a great addition to the green fashion movement-- each dress, vest, jacket, pant and blouse that she creates raises the bar on the high-edge styles that can be made sustainably. Find out more about Chulette here:

See these designers and more at the NOW Showcase, September 20-22.

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