Friday, September 3, 2010

Who's Who? Eco is NOW!

Eco is NOW. All over the globe, people are becoming more aware and more in-tune with the Earth, its resources, and our responsibility to nurture, not destroy, our planet. This is what the NOW Showcase is all about-- a marriage of fashion, social and environmental consciousness, continually making efforts to provide better and more eco-friendly alternatives to chic-living. This season, we are glad to introduce to our roster of innovative eco-designers, showcasing their exciting and fresh designs, three amazing brands that are in-sync with our green mantra: fair. sustainable. forward. Lalesso, hailing from Kenya, Juleselin, based in San Francisco, and Eco-Couture by Los Angeles designer Deborah Lindquist.

This summer fashion line will make you wish it was warm all year round! Launched by design duo Olivia Kennaway and Alice Heusser in 2005, this brand was inspired by a trip to the remote island of Lamu off the coast of Kenya, nearby to Olivia's hometown. The strong patterning and vibrant colors of the traditional womens attire (called 'khanga' or 'lesso') sparked the idea of creating a product for the everyday woman with a bold sense of style and summer spirit. In addition to creating clothing inspired by these Kenyan women, Alice and Olivia have also worked to help improve the quality of living in the environment. Growing from a project of two seamstresses, and then sixteen, the designers began a group called SOKO in 2009, which is the first globally recognized eco and ethical clothing production unit in East Africa. The manufacturers are well-paid, the community is completely involved, and life is getting better for the town. This is a perfect example of green fashion making a difference and working towards a greener world. Check out Lalesso's designs here:

Julia Burnbaum's knitwear line features a versatile collection of jackets, sweaters, and dresses created from organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled fabrications. As a line that emerged from the designer's need to have a jacket that would be comfortable for wearing both inside and outside, and would be well suited to the western coastal environment in her base of San Francisco, the line has grown to include a delightful range of coats and sweaters, each inspired and named after someone very close to Julia. With styles from individuals such as Elin from 1926 Iceland, pullovers inspired by John Arthur from Larkspur, CA, and a sharp double-breasted coat inspired by Jessica from London, Julia has sewn something personal into each garment, making this collection very special. You'll never want to take these jackets off, and thankfully, you won't have to! In addition to being comfortable for any kind of wear, anywhere, the line is full of wonderful feminine touches such as ruffled collars, face-framing hoods, and belted waistlines, proving once again that style isn't lost when green comes into play. Save the world, one cute jacket at a time! Find out more about Juleselin and the new collection here:

Deborah Lindquist:

Well known as a pioneer and trendsetter in the eco fashion world, LA designer Deborah Lindquist uses her line as a venue for introducing and re-branding unusual fabrics to the world of fashion while keeping true to her love for the environment. Given this creative freedom to explore new materials for use in her designs, Deborah Lindquist produces remarkable cutting-edge pieces like no other. Vintage cashmere, wool, leather, beaded wool, peace silk, micromodal blends, hemp blends, alpaca, and organic cottons are just a few of the ingredients used to create this stirring collection that has shown us that green is just as good as gold-- there are no sacrifices made in the areas of style or quality when it comes to eco-fashion. Currently featuring a collection titled "Rocker Girl meets The Gyspy," Deborah Lindquist continues to wow us with her eco-conscious approach to innovative design. See the collection here:

Don't miss out on these great designers at our upcoming Spring Showcase, September 20-22 at 651 West 27th street, New York, NY.

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