Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sustainable Style Foundation and NOW

Founded in 2003 by Rebecca Luke and Sean Schmidt, the Sustainable Style Foundation is an international, member-supported nonprofit organization that provides information, resources, and innovative programs that promote sustainable living and design. Who says that being environmentally responsible is limiting? SSF, through a myriad of methods, demonstrates how much fun and creative living eco-consciously can be, and proves that sustainable style isn't about trading in 'fabulous' trends for more eco-conscious threads. From fashion, food and film to interior design, travel, music and more, SSF provides a positive message in attracting more consumers to go green.

SSF is a sponsor of the NOW Fall 2010 Showcase, and will be presenting some of their ideas to the Showcase audience. On Sunday, Feb 21 at 10am, Rebecca Luke (co-founder of the SSF, stylist, costume designer) will be hosting an SSF salon "How To Sell Sustainability." She will also be joined by a guest interior designer from the NBBJ. Breakfast will be served. Please Join us!

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