Thursday, February 11, 2010

ANGeLRoX: We are all Angels.

Owning an ANGeLRoX garment is about far more than adding a new piece to your closet-- it is about participating in a new way to look at clothing and life. The designer Roxi Sugar can sum up her philosophy of living in two words-- radiate joy-- and that's what these clothes create. The kicky print wings on the back of the polished jersey top are "a reminder" that "we are all angels." But it's not all Sugar in Roxi's world-- there is the most subtle and flirtatious hint of a goth vibe in her angel wing motif and the thick cross logo. It's a play of good and evil, to be sure, all enacted in the most understated and elegant of iconographies. Think high-class Tantric transcendence. These sleek and glossy garments are made from sumptuous and sustainable fabrics like bamboo jersey and the finest organic cotton, all biodegradable. The signature elegant wrap dress remains a classic, and for underneath, the angel undies promise a seamless transition into night.

Roxi has a reputation for being one of the most generous designers in New York, supporting a myriad of social causes with her clothes and staying true to her vision of fashion's future. For Roxi, a professor at NY's Parsons School of Design, fashion has moved beyond trends and she designs with longevity in mind. Every detail is done with care and with an eye towards a holistic product that clothes the body and uplifts the spirit. Her clothes have a celebrity following, with Sharon Stone and Bette Midler on board, and her line is carried in boutiques all over the US. Check out yet another Brooklyn visionary at the Now Fall 2010 Showcase, Feb 20-22, at the ICO Gallery.

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