Friday, February 12, 2010

Playfully Regal by JAI Activewear

Smart Design=Sustainability=Contemporary Elegance

Out of a determination to reduce damage caused to the environment by the mechanisms employed by the fashion industry, emerged a sustainable clothing line custom tailored to meet the needs of the modern day princess-- women on the go who love to look and feel amazing. These women, crowned 'ambassadors of contemporary elegance,' are the main consumer audience for the Playfully Regal line by JAI Activewear, a brand that promotes holistic approaches to fashion and style, featuring eco-friendly and and socially conscious clothing that bridges the gap between comfort, fashion, style, and sustainability.

JAI Activewear is exactly that... activewear. The collection was launched last season and is now evolving into a contemporary woman's wear brand, keeping the activewear line as a continuum.

Crafted by British designer Kizzy Jai Knight, JAI is a brand elegantly influenced by movement, versatility, and flexibility. With a degree in Dance from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, as well as a background in yoga, Knight uses her designs to captivate the essence of her extensive physical artistry. "As a dancer and choreographer I learned about the fluidity of fabrics and how clothing should compliment and assist the body. Styling created opportunities that contextualized these discoveries and gave me a platform for testing and developing ideas with a mainstream audience," says Knight. With pieces appropriately and playfully named-- Miss Jumpsuit, Sunningdale Classic, Lady Romper, Long Len Jen-- Knight creates a style of clothing that marries luxury, comfort, and elegance with eco-conscious sensibility.

Ranked in the Top 2 on a list of Seven Up-And-Coming Green Designers of 2009 by online green fashion magazine Ecouterre, Kizzy Jai Knight continues to exceed herself by continually upgrading her style, designing uniquely fashioned and environmentally mindful pieces that prove the future of fashion is sustainability. Using biodegradable and recycled fabrics such as tencel, recycled nylon, and recycled cotton, Knight ensures the longevity of her line, as well as the endurance of the green fashion movement. Recycling is a cyclic process-- by generating products of this caliber, it becomes self-sustainable and keeps in tune with preserving our planet's resources.

The NOW is JAI-- Look out for JAI's Fall/Winter '10 collection at the NOW Fall 2010 Showcase, Feb 20-22, at the ICO Gallery. Spring immediate collections will also be available.

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