Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feral Childe: Fashion at Play!

Feral Childe is the eco-loving Indigo baby of two art girls--Moriah Carlson and Alice Wu--who met over a sink of eggshells at an art installation and have been making killer clothes ever since. Their line is especially whimsical and one-of-a-kind to say the least: even the buttons used in their pieces are hand-cast so that no two are exactly alike. Taking fabrics hot in the organic world like soy, hemp, organic cotton, and mill-end scraps, they paint and dye by hand to make unexpected prints. The creative process is a wild thing in the designers' Feral world of play and craft. After all, they launched into fashion fame by making clothes for each other and getting stopped so often on the street that they had to start selling. Now their clothes are sold all across the US, as well as in Japan and Korea. Paired with a playful sensibility is their serious dedication to green fashion, which for them isn't just about changing the state of our environment for the better, but also changing the way the world produces and receives fashion. Their vision is that collaboration among conscious designers will allow for change in the fashion industry, bringing forth more eco-conscious ideas and more eco-friendly designs.

Spring 2010 was reminiscent of making music on the Swiss Alps: the collection was called "The Hills are Alive," referencing The Sound of Music, though the locally produced garments still managed to exude a strong sense of Brooklyn. The hand-drawn textiles hide some tricky images--alpine mushrooms, wild pigs, lightening bolts, and rainbows--reinforcing the Childe-ish chaos motif that runs luxuriously through their collection. With every piece comes a little surprise. Notice their wheat cowl neck pull-over with neck-tabs, and a little blue babydoll dress printed with what looks like underwater photography on textile. Last year, the inspiration was Ansel Adams and the year before, Buckminster Fuller. But this year it's back to the classics, Feral-style. Fall looks like it will be mixing in some tweedy greys and ribbon skirts. For more, make sure to visit Feral Childe at their website here: http://www.feralchilde.com/

Feral Childe will be displaying their Fall collection at the NOW Fall 2010 Showcase, February 20-22 at ICO Gallery. Spring immediate collections will also be available.

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