Sunday, February 7, 2010

SDN: Vintage Fabrics for Modern Designs

From the beginning, it was all about the worn, beautiful quality of vintage fabrics. Working at a vintage clothing store in San Francisco in the early 90s, Marcus Hicks developed a penchant for the attractiveness and versatility of these antiquated materials that would later become the foundation for his own clothing line, SDN. Dissatisfied with the standard of mainstream retail at the time, Hicks began to put his designs into production, recycling old fabrics to make one-of-a-kind screen-printed t-shirts.

Stemming from the singular idea of creating beautiful and stunning upcycled clothing, SDN has become a popular eco-fashion label, with menswear and womenswear included in the collection. In keeping his fabric supply rich and unique, Hicks obtains entirely organic, sustainable, and recycled textiles, and works his designs around the fabrics. With brilliant red vests, skinny pinstriped shirts, capes, and collar-dresses, SDN’s 1920s-hipster inspired clothing bleeds an aesthetic of clean lines and bright red lipstick, fedora-clad men in dark alleyways, a touch of grunge, glam, and the effervescence of youth. This noir-chic brand not only addresses style in an innovative way, but also takes care to address world situations by using textiles that are good for the earth, people, and even politics. SDN supports “progressive political causes” and does not utilize sweatshop labor in the creation of their clothing. SDN merchandise can be found in NYC at Tessan, Kaight, and Sodafine, and will also be featured at the NOW Fall 2010 Showcase, February 20-22 at the ICO Gallery.

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