Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Tracey Tanner

LA native Tracey Tanner makes the most fun, stylish handmade accessories for women. She makes everything from bags, wristbands, wallets to little extras such as MP3 sleeves to keychains.
On the fashion scene since 2001, Tanner has had such success that she has been heavily featured in the press - Black Book, Jane, Nylon, Heeb, and even The New York Times have featured her eco-conscious accessories.
Tanner's line is available at upscale boutiques like the MOMA Store in NYC, Fred Segal in LA and Stitch in Chicago. You can also buy her latest designs in wallets, bags, wristbands and "extras" directly off the company's website.

Corporate jobs by day and designers by night - this best describes Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson, the geniuses behind this clothing line, in the early days of this line.
The two designers met over a sink of broken eggshells and became fast friends. They were soon faxing each other designs and drawings throughout the day, dreaming about their new "New York wardrobe". At night, they stripped off their corporate attire and searched the city for unusual fabrics, tried their creations on each other, took apart and resewed, redesigned and slashed at the clothes until they were satisfied. They made up stories to go along with this wild and untamed process and thus FeRaL ChiLde was born.
Passerby, neighbors and strangers stopped Alice and Moriah in the streets and the subway asking where they could buy such clothes. Young, old, traditionalists and renegades were all attracted to this unusual fashion line.
Brooklyn-based and locally produced, FeRaL CHiLde is sold by independent-minded stores - in the US, abroad and online - that see the garments as their rarest finds.


Ursula Dean's inspiration comes from film, travel and the playground - old fairy tale illustrations of billowy childrens' clothing speak to her just as much as Brigit Bardot's carefree glamour. Dean's garments are meant to become an owner's timeless keepsake, which is why she puts a lot of effort into the design and fit of each garment. She uses natural textiles, like printed cotton from Italy or wool from England - to Dean, these are like special treasures to share. Her best friend and former co-designer occasionally designs prints exclusively for modaspia.

Dean recently added a children's line to her label, which is exclusively sold at etsy. Her women's line is sold in stores across the United States.

To keep up with what inspires and moves this designer, check out her blog.

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