Friday, September 18, 2009

****Linda Loudermilk with NOW Showcase****

Linda Loudermilk

She has been named one of "W" Magazine's Top 20 innovators to watch - she has been coined as the "Vivienne Westwood of eco" by ELLE - she has spearheaded the creation of a new luxury ecoTM lifestyle.
With her revolutionary designs and her radical spirit, Linda Loudermilk has literally redefined sustainability as alluringly sexy, fun and edgy!

Linda's purpose - in life and in her designs - is to ignite expressiveness and make us aware of our surroundings - the earth on which we live.

Six years ago, Loudermilk had made it to the Paris runways and should have been on top of the world, but instead she felt empty. "I was creating beauty, but beauty without soul." It was right there and then that she realized she wanted to change the way people think about the earth. She began researching sustainable products, by meeting with and learning from scientists and seeking out companies that create fibers without pesticides or other toxic processes. She also developed relationships with manufacturers who do not poison the water supply.

Loudermilk has trademarked the term luxury ecoTM, thereby becoming the first designer to create a luxury+eco lifestyle brand under one umbrella.

According to Loudermilk, nature is the original punk. Her garments are packed with drama - drawn from her studies of Shakespeare and costume design at Oxford University in England.

Beyond her revolutionary designs, Loudermilk is bringing together the global pioneers who are producing “green” and “gold” at the same time. By establishing the luxury eco™ Stamp of Approval, she seeks to identify those who are also breaking new ground in their respective fields. The emblem is a message to the consumer that the products or services are not only eco-friendly – but also superior in luxury quality, design and craftsmanship. It is the only Luxury Certification.

Loudermilk’s mission is to define every aspect of life as radically and decidedly eco-responsible. She is recognized as the first to identify and successfully market to the luxury eco™ consumer.

We are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing designer in our showcase!!!

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