Wednesday, September 16, 2009

G=9.8 *** Serial Cultura *** ecoSkin

I bet the last time you looked at a pine tree, you did not think of lingerie. g=9.8 is a French lingerie label produced in the small town of Montilliers. Every item in these sexy, yet sophisticated collections are produced using pine tree. Eco-conscious designer Sophie Young works with tree companies to collect this fully renewable, pesticide-free source material for production. Once collected it is enzymically processed into fibers (think of the process as kinda like making beer) to make an array of bras, panties, high stockings, strappy tops, and sexy boxers for guys. The comfort of silk, feel of cashmere and the coolness of linen combine to keep you warm and stress free. Bet you never thought you could be so comfortable sporting wood ;)
Young's studies in architecture led to the design of a recycling facility in the center of Paris. This inspired her to create a fashion line, which would be environmentally conscious and help to preserve water sources, amongst other things.
Every tree used in the production of this line is specifically grown for production and then replanted.
You can buy Young's sexy and fashionable, yet timeless pieces at various online retailers as well as the company's own website.

Serial Cultura

Jennifer Jennings is a true artist - she focuses on merging "printed art with organically structured silhouettes". This NoCal-based women's clothing line integrates photography, textile design, printing and dyeing.
The Spring 2010 collection - in production as I write this - is Jenning's fifth collection. It's focus: geometric shapes. Does that mean her tops will be triangular and her skirts square? No, it rather means that Jennings original artwork is either hand-printed or digitally printed onto each individual garment - each reminding the consumer of geometry.
Jennings studied the art of fiber arts in Kansas City and from there moved on to explore her interests in screen printing and clothing design in Oregon. After a semester a resident artist she moved on to the fashion capital of the world, NYC of course, to deepen her skills at Parsons School of Design. After school, her heart drew her back out west to Oakland, CA where she resides today.
The Serial Cultura collection is available in several boutiques on both East and West Coast, as well as the website's store. To spot some of her newest designs and find out what inspired every piece, take a look at Jenning's blog.

eco-chic, eco-smart, eco-sexy

"ecoSkin is a privately-held California apparel company offering chic, contemporary designs for the eco-conscious but fashion-savvy woman."

Sandy Skinner is the founder and brainchild behind this eco-consicious women's line. After 17+ years in the fashion Industry, Skinner wanted to find a way to be more environmentally responsible. She also knew that there had to be a way to offer more responsible choices to women who wanted to live a responsible, green lifestyle while looking eco-chic and sexy. In 2007 she used her years of experience in the apparel industry and her entrepreneurial drive and she founded ecoSkin.
This LA native runs her apparel company with close attention to detail. She oversees the production of every single garment from choice of raw materials to dyeing, sewing, green hangtags and labels. "We are in our infancy with many aspects of eco-friendly apparel. Green technology and environmental standards are still evolving and quality raw materials and dyes are scarce. All of this is challenging but worth the effort. The more customers demand responsibly-produced eco-friendly products, the more the industry will demand responsible suppliers and the faster we will clean up our planet, making green living mainstream living,” she says.
ecoSkin is available in boutiques in North America, Australia and Europe, as well as an online store.

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