Saturday, September 19, 2009

** T-Luxe - Beauty is Sustainable **

T-Luxe is proving that beauty is sustainable with its eco-friendly lingerie line.

'Eco-lingerie' may seem like an oxyomoron to some – a silly self-indulgence that really does not get to the core of what might be essential for streamlining an eco-friendly closet or sustainable wardrobe. But consider the fact that what lies right next to your skin is indeed your second skin and a measure of who you are and how your feel about being naked or exposed. If anything is going to send the right message about your crusade to save the planet or reducing your carbon footprint, it’s the skivvies you flaunt!

Designer Tiffany Phipps ensures that all of T-Luxe's designs feature only the most sensuous sustainable fabrics, such as soy, organic cotton and organic silks, which are colored through a low-impact natural dye process. Super cute T-Luxe bras, undies, and lingerie separates are handmade in Brooklyn, NY and all of their green fabrics are sourced from North America (Canada and the U.S.). Even sexier? All of the energy used to produce T-Luxe designs is off-set through carbon off-set programs.

Buyers and consumers alike love the garments for its flexibility - vintage inspired nightdresses can be worn as tops or layering pieces as well.

You can buy this sexy lingerie directly from T-Luxe or through online retailer Nimli. Or you can shop at three exclusive boutiques in NYC, Beverly Hills and Kansas City, Missouri.


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