Friday, September 18, 2009



the creative designer team behind rebe, debra weiss and hillery sproat, make cute bags, belts, wallets, notecards and apparel for women and kids. they even make a cute pet carrier to boot. saw a cute purse or diaper carrier on their website, but you want to add your own design? not a problem! rebe [pronounced like debbie] will take requests and integrate your wishes.

with such a big age gap - hillery was 15 when rebe was conceived in 2000, while mom debra has raised 3 children - you would think these two would have totally different tastes, however, both are extremely artistic and know how to make their whimsical tastes work.

rebe uses a mix of recycled fibers and vintage kimonos to produce fabulous garments and accessories.

hillery also sells art pieces on a separate website.

you can find rebe's pieces in stores throughout north america, the uk, asia and australia and you can also order directly off the website.

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