Saturday, September 19, 2009

** T-Luxe - Beauty is Sustainable **

T-Luxe is proving that beauty is sustainable with its eco-friendly lingerie line.

'Eco-lingerie' may seem like an oxyomoron to some – a silly self-indulgence that really does not get to the core of what might be essential for streamlining an eco-friendly closet or sustainable wardrobe. But consider the fact that what lies right next to your skin is indeed your second skin and a measure of who you are and how your feel about being naked or exposed. If anything is going to send the right message about your crusade to save the planet or reducing your carbon footprint, it’s the skivvies you flaunt!

Designer Tiffany Phipps ensures that all of T-Luxe's designs feature only the most sensuous sustainable fabrics, such as soy, organic cotton and organic silks, which are colored through a low-impact natural dye process. Super cute T-Luxe bras, undies, and lingerie separates are handmade in Brooklyn, NY and all of their green fabrics are sourced from North America (Canada and the U.S.). Even sexier? All of the energy used to produce T-Luxe designs is off-set through carbon off-set programs.

Buyers and consumers alike love the garments for its flexibility - vintage inspired nightdresses can be worn as tops or layering pieces as well.

You can buy this sexy lingerie directly from T-Luxe or through online retailer Nimli. Or you can shop at three exclusive boutiques in NYC, Beverly Hills and Kansas City, Missouri.

*** natural high ***

"A company with a purpose, Natural High has set out to redefine the way we as individuals spend our time, and how we as a collective manage the limited resources of planet earth.

Drawing influence from California culture, we focus on three essential elements:

  • yoga lifestyle
  • surf culture
  • environmental awareness

Our mission is to continue to raise awareness regarding the importance of choosing sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable resources, while inspiring consciousness through surfing, yoga and meditation. We are confident you will enjoy living the Natural High Lifestyle."

Natural High Lifestyle aspires to be the thread that merges fashion, conscious living, and a healthy planet Earth. Established in Los Angeles in 1998, the company inspires consumers to become more aware of the impact of their purchases, inviting individuals to choose products that are not only stylish, functional and durable but also made from fast-growing, sustainable natural resources.
The company offers a distinctive line of West Coast-inspired clothing, bags, and accessories for men and women that is well suited for yoga, surfing, and California lifestyles. They also offer a line of home accessories including duvet covers, meditation cushions, and beach blankets, demonstrating the versatility of natural fabrics and affirming the company’s commitment to a comfortable, conscious lifestyle. Downtempo, ambient music, a “mix-your-own” essential oil bar (located at the company flagship store in Santa Monica) and annual, destination-driven lifestyle retreats round out the unique mix of products/services that Natural High Lifestyle offers to its clientele of hipsters, urban dwellers, beach bums and yogis.
The company continues to engage a growing, diverse audience of cultural creatives who are set on making a sociopolitical statement regarding the wise use of Earth’s resources, and who appreciate the style and comfort offered by Natural High Lifestyle.

Some of the environmentally conscious and trend setting celebs who have embraced Natural High Lifestyle apparel include: Alicia Silverstone, Brad Pitt, The Black Eyed Peas, Christina Applegate, Debra Messing, Jeremy Piven, Lawrence Fishburne, Marissa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr., Sting, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Woody Harrelson, and many more While wardrobe departments for the big and small screen have also taken an interest in the brand, with stylists from movies like The Mexican, Scorched, and Red Dragon and from TV shows like CSI and Will & Grace choosing to dress their stars in Natural High Lifestyle apparel. Within the yoga community, some of the most respected teachers in the West sporting Natural High Lifestyle include Rodney Yee, John Friend, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Bryan Kest, Sean Corne, Sarah Ivanhoe, Rainbeau Mars, Govindas, Vinny Marino, Twee Merrigan, and Hala Khouri.

Natural High Lifestyle products are currently available both online at the Natural High Lifestyle website and at the company’s flagship store located at 2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405. The brand is also carried by upscale boutiques across the USA including Hollywood Trading Company at Fred Segal Santa Monica and Rolo in San Francisco as well as over 50 yoga studios and spas from coast to coast. The line has also branched out internationally, and is available in retails stores in Austria, Canada and Japan.

"ANGeLRoX is very concerned about sustainability and our impact on our planet. We design product that is timeless and transcends the wasteful fashion engine that encourages consumers to wear items for a season and then consider them "out" the next."

The ANGeLRoX collection is recognized for its dedication to bringing timeless comfort and style with only the best natural fabrics.

It is a timeless womens collection, comfortable, versatile, & ideal for travel. A versatile line, ANGeLRoX is perfect for any activity, day or night. Fabrics (cotton, bamboo & rayon viscose) are natural, renewable, & sumptuous. The collection utilizes local suppliers in the New York area and is adamant about fair labor.

Created by Roxi Suger, a professor at Parsons the New School for Design, the collection embodies the philosophy of balancing out what we take from the Earth. ANGeLRoX strives to lessen the blow of the fashion industry on the world by creating beautiful designs that will last.

Every ANGeLRoX garment you purchase comes with video demonstrations available on the website and a brochure showing some of the infinite variations that come with your purchase.

The brand already has a definite celebrity following - Sharon Stone, Bebe Neuwirth, and even MTV's SuChin Pak all own some ANGeLRoX pieces.

The line is available in several online and offline boutiques across the United States and you can also order directly off the website.

Friday, September 18, 2009

*** Snoflake ***

Toronto-based designer Debbie Sutton has played the fashion field. After graduating from Toronto's International Academy of Fashion Merchandising and Design, she worked her way through the ranks from cutter to assistant fashion designer, fashion merchandiser, stylist and key-team member with a successful Canadian bridal designer.
It was her work in bridal fashions that gave her the final kick to follow her urge to get more creative and branch out.

In 2000, she launched her own contemporary women's boutique line. All of her garments provide the perfect blend of quality, great tailoring, feminine detailing and inspired flourishes. Her line is designed and manufactured exclusively in Canada and she has already developed a strong clientele of young, urban, professional women.

The Snowflake line is sold in stores across Canada and the United States and you can also find some great deals and get more info on Snowflake's website.

kelly lane

kelly lane's designs are inspired by stories her grandfather in north carolina would tell her of her childhood. as a young girl, she used whatever canvas she could find to express herself - walls, concrete basement floors at her parents' house...her passion for art and design led to two degrees in graphic design.

but it was not until 2005, when her husband gave her a sewing machine, that she discovered her love and talent for clothing design. in the fall of 2006 she launched her first line - enhancing her own true colors.

artful sophistication with an eye towards sustainability is at the heart of kelly lane. she carefully blends the versatility of jersey with the sturdiness of woven fabric to create beautiful feminine silhouettes.
kelly takes great pride in hand-making each piece, resulting in limited-run high-quality pieces with a conscience.

kelly lane is sold both online - on sites like eco-tique and in independent boutiques across north america.



the creative designer team behind rebe, debra weiss and hillery sproat, make cute bags, belts, wallets, notecards and apparel for women and kids. they even make a cute pet carrier to boot. saw a cute purse or diaper carrier on their website, but you want to add your own design? not a problem! rebe [pronounced like debbie] will take requests and integrate your wishes.

with such a big age gap - hillery was 15 when rebe was conceived in 2000, while mom debra has raised 3 children - you would think these two would have totally different tastes, however, both are extremely artistic and know how to make their whimsical tastes work.

rebe uses a mix of recycled fibers and vintage kimonos to produce fabulous garments and accessories.

hillery also sells art pieces on a separate website.

you can find rebe's pieces in stores throughout north america, the uk, asia and australia and you can also order directly off the website.

RESTORE Clothing featured on Crain's Business

"As more mainstream consumers demand green products, companies are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Along with learning how to make everything more sustainable, from raw materials to production to distribution, these companies are eager to do more business with local suppliers - especially if those suppliers are also going green."

Made in NYC - a website initially created as a b2b directory during the post-Sept. 11 economic downturn, is now being used by green-focused consumers to buy local.

To find out how RESTORE Clothing uses this directory and what other businesses you could find, follow this link.

****Linda Loudermilk with NOW Showcase****

Linda Loudermilk

She has been named one of "W" Magazine's Top 20 innovators to watch - she has been coined as the "Vivienne Westwood of eco" by ELLE - she has spearheaded the creation of a new luxury ecoTM lifestyle.
With her revolutionary designs and her radical spirit, Linda Loudermilk has literally redefined sustainability as alluringly sexy, fun and edgy!

Linda's purpose - in life and in her designs - is to ignite expressiveness and make us aware of our surroundings - the earth on which we live.

Six years ago, Loudermilk had made it to the Paris runways and should have been on top of the world, but instead she felt empty. "I was creating beauty, but beauty without soul." It was right there and then that she realized she wanted to change the way people think about the earth. She began researching sustainable products, by meeting with and learning from scientists and seeking out companies that create fibers without pesticides or other toxic processes. She also developed relationships with manufacturers who do not poison the water supply.

Loudermilk has trademarked the term luxury ecoTM, thereby becoming the first designer to create a luxury+eco lifestyle brand under one umbrella.

According to Loudermilk, nature is the original punk. Her garments are packed with drama - drawn from her studies of Shakespeare and costume design at Oxford University in England.

Beyond her revolutionary designs, Loudermilk is bringing together the global pioneers who are producing “green” and “gold” at the same time. By establishing the luxury eco™ Stamp of Approval, she seeks to identify those who are also breaking new ground in their respective fields. The emblem is a message to the consumer that the products or services are not only eco-friendly – but also superior in luxury quality, design and craftsmanship. It is the only Luxury Certification.

Loudermilk’s mission is to define every aspect of life as radically and decidedly eco-responsible. She is recognized as the first to identify and successfully market to the luxury eco™ consumer.

We are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing designer in our showcase!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tracey Tanner *** Feral Childe *** modaspia

Tracey Tanner

LA native Tracey Tanner makes the most fun, stylish handmade accessories for women. She makes everything from bags, wristbands, wallets to little extras such as MP3 sleeves to keychains.
On the fashion scene since 2001, Tanner has had such success that she has been heavily featured in the press - Black Book, Jane, Nylon, Heeb, and even The New York Times have featured her eco-conscious accessories.
Tanner's line is available at upscale boutiques like the MOMA Store in NYC, Fred Segal in LA and Stitch in Chicago. You can also buy her latest designs in wallets, bags, wristbands and "extras" directly off the company's website.

Corporate jobs by day and designers by night - this best describes Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson, the geniuses behind this clothing line, in the early days of this line.
The two designers met over a sink of broken eggshells and became fast friends. They were soon faxing each other designs and drawings throughout the day, dreaming about their new "New York wardrobe". At night, they stripped off their corporate attire and searched the city for unusual fabrics, tried their creations on each other, took apart and resewed, redesigned and slashed at the clothes until they were satisfied. They made up stories to go along with this wild and untamed process and thus FeRaL ChiLde was born.
Passerby, neighbors and strangers stopped Alice and Moriah in the streets and the subway asking where they could buy such clothes. Young, old, traditionalists and renegades were all attracted to this unusual fashion line.
Brooklyn-based and locally produced, FeRaL CHiLde is sold by independent-minded stores - in the US, abroad and online - that see the garments as their rarest finds.


Ursula Dean's inspiration comes from film, travel and the playground - old fairy tale illustrations of billowy childrens' clothing speak to her just as much as Brigit Bardot's carefree glamour. Dean's garments are meant to become an owner's timeless keepsake, which is why she puts a lot of effort into the design and fit of each garment. She uses natural textiles, like printed cotton from Italy or wool from England - to Dean, these are like special treasures to share. Her best friend and former co-designer occasionally designs prints exclusively for modaspia.

Dean recently added a children's line to her label, which is exclusively sold at etsy. Her women's line is sold in stores across the United States.

To keep up with what inspires and moves this designer, check out her blog.

O Ryann's Belt

Check out Ideal Bite's feature on our very own Ryann!!

G=9.8 *** Serial Cultura *** ecoSkin

I bet the last time you looked at a pine tree, you did not think of lingerie. g=9.8 is a French lingerie label produced in the small town of Montilliers. Every item in these sexy, yet sophisticated collections are produced using pine tree. Eco-conscious designer Sophie Young works with tree companies to collect this fully renewable, pesticide-free source material for production. Once collected it is enzymically processed into fibers (think of the process as kinda like making beer) to make an array of bras, panties, high stockings, strappy tops, and sexy boxers for guys. The comfort of silk, feel of cashmere and the coolness of linen combine to keep you warm and stress free. Bet you never thought you could be so comfortable sporting wood ;)
Young's studies in architecture led to the design of a recycling facility in the center of Paris. This inspired her to create a fashion line, which would be environmentally conscious and help to preserve water sources, amongst other things.
Every tree used in the production of this line is specifically grown for production and then replanted.
You can buy Young's sexy and fashionable, yet timeless pieces at various online retailers as well as the company's own website.

Serial Cultura

Jennifer Jennings is a true artist - she focuses on merging "printed art with organically structured silhouettes". This NoCal-based women's clothing line integrates photography, textile design, printing and dyeing.
The Spring 2010 collection - in production as I write this - is Jenning's fifth collection. It's focus: geometric shapes. Does that mean her tops will be triangular and her skirts square? No, it rather means that Jennings original artwork is either hand-printed or digitally printed onto each individual garment - each reminding the consumer of geometry.
Jennings studied the art of fiber arts in Kansas City and from there moved on to explore her interests in screen printing and clothing design in Oregon. After a semester a resident artist she moved on to the fashion capital of the world, NYC of course, to deepen her skills at Parsons School of Design. After school, her heart drew her back out west to Oakland, CA where she resides today.
The Serial Cultura collection is available in several boutiques on both East and West Coast, as well as the website's store. To spot some of her newest designs and find out what inspired every piece, take a look at Jenning's blog.

eco-chic, eco-smart, eco-sexy

"ecoSkin is a privately-held California apparel company offering chic, contemporary designs for the eco-conscious but fashion-savvy woman."

Sandy Skinner is the founder and brainchild behind this eco-consicious women's line. After 17+ years in the fashion Industry, Skinner wanted to find a way to be more environmentally responsible. She also knew that there had to be a way to offer more responsible choices to women who wanted to live a responsible, green lifestyle while looking eco-chic and sexy. In 2007 she used her years of experience in the apparel industry and her entrepreneurial drive and she founded ecoSkin.
This LA native runs her apparel company with close attention to detail. She oversees the production of every single garment from choice of raw materials to dyeing, sewing, green hangtags and labels. "We are in our infancy with many aspects of eco-friendly apparel. Green technology and environmental standards are still evolving and quality raw materials and dyes are scarce. All of this is challenging but worth the effort. The more customers demand responsibly-produced eco-friendly products, the more the industry will demand responsible suppliers and the faster we will clean up our planet, making green living mainstream living,” she says.
ecoSkin is available in boutiques in North America, Australia and Europe, as well as an online store.

Monday, September 14, 2009

*** SDN *** RESTORE CLOTHING *** Alchem1st

SDN - aka Sarah Dixons Nova

...a Brooklyn-based men's line that literally started from the ground up. In 2003, the line was born - recycling used T-shirts, hand dying them and screen-printing collages on them. And they continue this tradition today. “We actively find old T-shirts and cold water dyes,” says Kyle Goen who started the line with lifelong friend Marcus Hicks. “We put the word out to friends before they throw them out. We clean them, dye them and silkscreen them. It’s tough to find T-shirts with nothing on them.” After much success with the t-shirts, Hicks and Goen recognized the need and demand for sustainable clothing made from recycled and eco-friendly fabrics.
What started out as a men's line, made with organic cotton, soy and bamboo, was launched as a full line of men's and women's clothing, made entirely of recycled, organic and other sustainable fabrics in 2008. Like all eco-fashion lines, SDN is very socially responsible. In addition to that, however, SDN ensures that all products are created without the use of sweatshops. And to top it all off, SDN also supports political causes.
The line is available at New York boutiques Sodafine and Kaight.


"The Restore® acronym stands for "Responsible, Earth Friendly, Sustainable, Technological, Organic, Recycled and Ergonomic", a name that represents the standards and innovation they stand for."

RESTORE CLOTHING - Extra-Ordinary fabrics. Timeless Silhouettes. Clothing cut and manufactured for lifestyles that crossover Fitness & Fashion, Yoga & Spa, Work Out & Out after Work.
As fashion industry veterans, long time New York City residents and devoted environmentalists, Anthony and Celeste Lilore understand firsthand the needs of modern, urban dwellers to have crossover clothing that blends functionality, fashion and responsible production. In creating their line, these two are fashionably caring for our environment, while at the same time creating comfy clothes that move with us. The men and women who wear the line, appreciate and expect comfort and flawlessly executed earth clothing.
The fabrics used range from organic cotton and Repreve® nylon made from recycled fabrics and water bottles to lining made of Cocona®, an activated carbon made from the shells of coconuts! But they don't stop there! Their zippers come strictly from eco-conscious manufacturers, their hangtags are printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper with soy ink and their garments are shipped in biodegradable bags and recycled cardboard boxes.
The Lilores not only want to design fabulous clothing, but they also want to connect with their consumers, by sharing everyday concerns and fabulous stories in their Responsiblog. You can purchase this fabulous line right off the website.


A pret-a-porter women's line, hailing from the UK - incorporating fabulous ensembles that can go from day to night, with accessories and jewellery to boot. Designer Aisyah Syahdinar even includes swimwear and some unisex accessories into her collections.
In addition to organic silk, low-impact bamboo and organic wool and cotton, alchem1st also features garments made from natural hides and organic leather - all featuring unique embroidery, beading and contemporary prints.
Beautiful clothing can only stem from a beautiful environment and atmosphere - all of alchem1st's garments are produced in open air factories overlooking the beautiful tropical gardens and grand rice fields of Bali. It was there that Syahdinar found some of the most talented silversmiths in the world, alongside amiable workers who are unparalleled in the detail and intricacy of their work.
The sewers and workers - in essence the creators of the designer's vision - come first in the company. Local artists are supported in their individual talents, to assure old traditions are not lost. All staff working for the company are provided with the basics of room, board and health insurance, but they also receive regular yoga classes to maintain their mental and spiritual wellness.

You can obtain this eco-friendly fashion forward line in many retailers throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The NOW Designer Series - featuring....SUST ** Ryann ** naturevsfuture

SUST.... stands for:

sustainable, adj. - Ecol. Of, relating to, or designating forms of human economic activity and culture that do not lead to environmental degradation, esp. avoiding the long-term depletion of natural resources.

sussed, adj., Brit. colloq. - Well-informed, in the know; streetwise, 'cool'.

This is the self-proclaimed definition, or slogan if you will, you will find on SUST's website

Founded in 2007, SUST consists of eccentric, yet high quality, stylish and timeless basics. Tristan Gribbin and Marion McKee - best friends since 1980 - fill every collection they design with a rainbow of brilliant colors. Based in San Francisco, the line is influenced by NoCal's alternative culture. New Wave, mod, punk and the retro styles of the 80s fueled and molded Tristan's and Marion's creative juices early on. Both designers traveled the world and evolved their own creative vision, always keeping the idea of a new fashion movement - designed to unite the masses - in the back of their minds. During a birthday weekend that reunited these two, SUST was born.
You can order this fabulous line right off the website.


"...Ryann, created by designer Raina Blyer, is a guilt free wearable collection with a downtown punch for the fashion warrior in all of us."

Ryann focuses on design and tailoring, with fabrics varying in color and chosen according to the season. Elegant and timeless, but yet modern and current Ryann tries to appeal to the eco-conscious fashionista in all of us. Collections are meant to be worn for many seasons to come. Organic cotton and wool, Ahisma and conventional silk, soy and recycled fibers, bamboo, hemp and linen are all used when creating this fabulous women's fashion line.
Lifelong environmentalist Raina Blyer is the brains behind this genius operation. The Brooklyn native learned to sew at the age of three. Studies in Holistic Health drew her to Boston, but her heart remained in New York, where she returned to study at FIT. Working for designer Arjan Khiani, she helped to sew and design clothes for celebs like Britney Spears and Cindy Lauper. Being immersed in the industry allowed Raina to see firsthand, that much of what was going on contradicted her beliefs. Though many experts told her that a 'sustainable' fashion line would never get off the ground, she was determined and thus, in 2005 Ryann was born. As the fashion industry has grown and changed, so has Raina - never losing sight of her ideals along the way.
You can find Ryann on Raina's website or at various local retailers in New York City.


“The more we advance the more we need to consider nature before we deplete it. In this tension to find balance is the living energy of the collection and hence the name.” says Valenti.

In 2002, six years after graduating from Parsons and designing Streetwear, Brooklyn native Nina Valenti founded 'naturevsfuture'. For her, it was a way to expose her unique aesthetic. Inherently classic with a futuristic edge, this women's fashion line teeters the line between cutting edge fashion and 'eco-consiousness'. Valenti incorporates more and more organic, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable materials in current and future collections. Mixing such fabrics as organic cotton, organic wool, hemp, soy, bamboo, seacell® (seaweed), lyocell (wood pulp), Ingeo™ (created from corn), along with recycled and technological fabrics such as Polartec® (made from soda pop bottles or industry waste) she believes in creating pieces for longevity. Nina's inspiration is drawn from everything that stimulates her senses - architecture, furniture, music and art, incorporating rhythm and movement into each piece.
The women who wear ‘naturevsfuture’ are intelligent, independent and creative women who do not follow trends but rather make their own statement. They like to look sexy but with a sophisticated and creative edge.
'naturevsfuture' has already received a promising amount of press in such publications as WWD, Italian Vogue, ELLEgirl, Nylon and Fader. She has been featured on the show Gilmore Girls and in 2004 was asked to design uniforms for the staff of the Alex Hotel's Restaurant Riingo.
In 2008 Valenti added a men's line.
Her line can be purchased through her website
and in various retail stores throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

What is Eco-Design? A Small Glimpse...

“It is important to emphasise that eco-design is not about dismissing the fundamental principles of design simply in favour of environmental gains. Positive environmental outcomes can be achieved during the design stage to ensure the best performance or result can be delivered over the long term without compromising form or function.”

When bying clothing, the average shopper probably does not think about the process of the clothing production and all that is involved - I know I never did. And when hearing of 'eco-clothing' I always pictured the "crunchy granola" girl in Birkenstocks, with baggy pants, a scarf and maybe some dreads. Well, I have to say I have been thoroughly educated. I never realized the environmental damage the production of clothing can cause - from the extraction of raw materials, material processing, manufacture and distribution, to even the shipping and marketing process.

In my research over the past few weeks, I definitely corrected my image of eco-clothing and learned that it is not just about the selection of 'eco-materials' such as organic cotton, hemp and soy - just to name a few, but it is also about making decisions that will reduce the overall environmental impact. And it is also about using, or not using, textile materials in a way that reduces consumption and makes them more sustainable.


  • Main Entry: sus·tain·able
  • Pronunciation: \sə-ˈstā-nə-bəl\
  • Function: adjective
  • Date: circa 1727

1 : capable of being sustained
2 a : of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged <sustainable techniques> <sustainable agriculture> b : of or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods <sustainable society>