Thursday, February 5, 2009

NOW is the time. NOW is the place.

Now is an independent market for men and women that runs the gamut from underwear to outerwear - these collections represent a new model for fashion - one that is fresh and stylish while maintaining integrity as sustainable.

Now designers have staying power, evidenced by their incredible creativity, their deep-rooted commitment to responsibility, and their equally important consumer demand and loyalty.

Now Showcase puts the spotlight on bringing you garments of quality, versatility and a greater lifespan with an emphasis on organic, sustainable materials and quality local construction.

NOW is a forum that features collections for Autumn/Winter '09 by the most progressive independent designers in this field: Ryann, naturevsfuture, SDN, Turk + Taylor, Restore Clothing, G=9.8, Alchem1st, Kate, ANGeLRox, Enamore, and Natural High Lifestyle.

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