Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why people love NOW

Suzan Beers, our intern from the Netherlands joined our team last November. Working with NOW opened her eyes: "While I was finishing my Bachelors Communication and Information Studies I thought about how everybody just keeps on going. Students finish their studies and search for a job, just as people expect them to do. For me simply continue and start my Masters would be too easy. Besides, I thought I was too young to really decide what I wanted to study for my Masters and then go to work. That's why I decided to pack my bags and go to New York for half a year to study Fashion & Design. After some struggling I switched to Media & Art and started looking for an internship.

My ideal job would be a combination of marketing, communication, fashion and as international as possible, as I speak a lot of languages. Eileen crossed my path with the NOW SHOWCASE and I started to work in the eco fashionworld. It is fashion, with a little extra. You never know what you can expect and look where I am now: living with five inspiring, ambitious and very interesting ladies in a small apartment in Paris to show Europe how beautiful US eco design is. It's an experience of a lifetime and it changes the way I look at things. I love it."

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